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Friday, October 24, 2014

Emergency Room or Urgent Care, Where Do I Go? #supportthescrubs #nurseup

Just when do you come to the Emergency Department(Room) to be seen and worked up for a problem? Of course Ebola is first on the list these days of problems people are scared to death of, but things like chest pain, shortness of breath, stroke like symptoms, severe abdominal pain, bleeding uncontrollably, sudden thunderclap type headaches (totally different from your regular headache), your newborn infant has a high fever etc. (see the infographic below for a good list of things to go to the ED or Urgent Care for) Are complaints that you seek emergency care for...

There are many people that seriously just don't understand the process of who needs to be in the Emergency Department and who does not! ER nurses and providers are totally frustrated with the minor complaints that show up on our door steps that could have easily waited until their primary care doctor, clinic or the urgent care was open. Even trying some home care measures before you run to the ER is OK, giving your child some Tylenol or children's Motrin and actually waiting to see if it works is A OK you know (or do you know?). Have you called your own doctor, pediatrician or dentist? most of them have an on call service? Or did you just panic and freak out?
Coming to the ER for something stupid and uncalled for just exposes you to more germs, adds to the wait times in all the ER's, takes a bed away from someone that actually may need it (yes really) and adds to the stress of the already overburdened system. (Yes I am on my soapbox today)

Coming to the ER with complaints like these drive me nuts: (yes these are actual complaints that I have heard as an ER nurse over the last 25+ years) --no names of course to protect privacy, some things have been changed. Picture the look on my face when I heard these complaints.....lol

  • A cough for 3 years  ( today was the day to get checked out)
  • My toothpaste made my gums hurt (she really wanted a work note and narcotics)
  • My big toe is sore (pt had new shoes and wanted a work note)
  • My toe nail polish made my toes red (rash) - noted pt had on red nail polish
  • My partner cheated on me and I want to be "checked" (she actually cheated and had 3 std's)
  • I have something stuck in my teeth ( omg you don't want to know what it was)
  • I have had a condom stuck in my vagina for 3 months (it was a French tickler- smelled so good)
  • My period is way to heavy... ( she was crazy actually )
  • I have had chest pain for 3 years (and I needed a ride in the ambulance closer to my house)
  • My vibrator is stuck and I need the batteries changed soon ( you can only imagine)
  • I have money stuck up in my vagina and I need change for the laundry mat (a frequent flyer)
  • I need you to give my child Tylenol here in the ER so I will have money for the laundry mat.
  • I have a rash on my hand (no rash to be seen anywhere)
  • My child has a fever of 99.1 (child running all over the room eating chips and drinking Pepsi)
  • I flushed my pain medication down the toilet by accident and need refills (oh by the way I am from out of state) -- wanted drugs, was lying of course
  • I fell off the roof in 1986 and my back still hurts, I want my back surgery now!! (it is 2006 now)
  • My baby needs to be checked (had not been to well child checkups since mom had been busy she said)  (I want a check mark stamp)
  • My child needs his football physical (mom was told that the ER does not do physicals, she wanted to check in and wait anyhow) (the doctor told her no after she waited 3 hours)
I could go on and on with these ridiculous type of complaints that are all actually real, these patients also think they should be seen first, even before your chest pain or stroke symptoms, they can make the most noise in the lobby. One lady told me once "I don't care if that baby is not breathing, I am going to be late getting home and my probation officer will find out I am not at home, so I need you to write me a note NOW!!!" I just smiled at her and walked away..................

Next time you are in the ER or even a Urgent Care facility, tell the nurses and providers thank you for all the hard work they do, putting up with bull-crap and just smiling-- then saving your loved one's life.

On a serious note, if you are truly sick or just don't know, then by all means come in to the ED. I would much rather help you make that decision than you stay home having chest pain, shortness of breath, an allergic reaction to something or stroke like symptoms. Trust your gut, especially if you are a parent, you know your child, if they are just not acting right.... seek treatment... call your peds doctor first and then come to the ER. Most pediatricians want to talk to you first before you head to the ER. Unless your child is an infant under 90 days old with a fever over 100.5 rectally, that is a real emergency and needs to be seen, unless you have made other arrangements with your pediatrician already. 
Call 911 if you need to, they can treat most emergent problems in the field before you even get to the ED. They are highly trained in their profession and can make the choices you might not be able to in an emergency. 
It is really easy to send you home, when we have ruled out all the bad things that can "kill you dead today" . It is much harder to tell your family that you are gone :( 

Weeeeeeeeeee! little piggie

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Help For Domestic Violence: Resources For Women And Teens #Octoberawareness #domesticviolence

Do you know someone that is in an abusive relationship right now, or is that person You!  Here are some resources that can help. Please report abuse, who else will speak up for her?

Domestic Violence Resources For Women: 

National Domestic Violence Hotline:Toll Free: (800) 799-SAFE (7233)
Toll Free: (800) 787-3224 (TTY)
National Network to End Domestic ViolencePhone: (202) 543-5566
American Psychiatric Association (APA)Toll Free: (888) 35-PSYCH (77924)
Phone: (703) 907-7300
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Phone: (303) 839-1852
Phone: (202) 745-1211 ext. 143
The National Center for Victims of CrimePhone: (202) 467-8700
Futures without Violence
Phone: (415) 678-5500
National Resource Center on Domestic Violence
Toll Free: (800) 537-2238
The Battered Women’s Justice Project
Toll Free: (800) 903-0111 ext. 1
Phone: (612) 824-8768
National Battered Women’s Law Project 
Phone: (212) 741-9480
WomensHealth.govToll Free: (800) 994-9662
National Center on Domestic Violence, Trauma & Mental HealthPhone: (312) 726-7020
National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline
Toll Free: (866) 331-9474
Safe Place
Phone: (512) 267-SAFE (7233)
Break the CyclePhone: (310) 286-3383
Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN)Toll Free: (800) 656-HOPE (4673)
Health Resource Center on Domestic Violence
Toll Free: (800) 313-1310
A Women’s Guide to Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation
Toll Free: (800) 993-3869

Teen Domestic Violence Resources 
National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline
Toll Free: (866) 331-9474
Break the Cycle
Toll Free: (888) 988-TEEN
Love is Not Abusewww.loveisnotabuse.com
Teen Outreach ProgramToll Free: (800) 300-1080
Maryland’s Peoples Law Library
Safe YouthToll Free: (866) 723-3968

Another page with some great resources : Here 

Warning Signs if you think you or a loved one is in an unhealthy relationship 

Please, Please seek help before you are just a statistic on a page or another name on a toe tag, don't fool yourself thinking it will end or he will stop................he will not! Call today and get some help, even presenting to a local Emergency room and telling the nurse you are being abused will start the process to get you the help you need. Call 911 if you are in danger now, keep yourself and your children safe, you deserve better, it is NOT your fault!!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

e-Cigarettes- The Burning Truth [infographic]

So you are puffing away now on your new found e-cigarette thinking you have made a perfect healthy choice, when you discover they might not be all they been raved about. Just what is in an "e-cigarette"? 
Advertising themselves as “healthy alternatives” to cigarettes, electronic cigarettes attempt to recreate the act of smoking in a much more synthesized, scientific fashion. Using a rechargeable battery powered heater, e-cigarettes vaporize liquid nicotine as smokers take drags through the electronic cigarette’s vapor funneling system. The debate is still out on the "healthy" aspects of these cigarettes, as a healthcare professional I don't like them, but I would rather see you use this that smoking a nasty old conventional cigarette. It is a step in the right direction, helping you to quit I hope. 
There are no long term studies out yet, the FDA has not weighed in, nor approved any kind of e-cigarettes at all yet as an official smoking cessation device (so there is a clue for ya). 

Nicotine is still a drug, even though you are not getting the tar from tobacco, the nicotine has effects that do bad things to your body such as
  • stroke
  • cardiac ischemia events
  • hypertension
  • peptic ulcer disease
  • high cholesterol
  • esophageal reflux
  • arterial constrictions
  • slow wound healing 
  • reduced immunity 

Infographic credit to Infographicdaily.com 

Please choose wisely, make the best choice for your health. You only have one life, live it well.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Future of Nursing---- No Where But Up! #nurseup #nurses #careers

Why We’ll Always Need More Nurses

There is a reason that nursing is not only the biggest industry, but also the fastest growing. The need for nurses doesn't show any signs of stopping; and that’s because it probably never will. (6, 7)
People are living longer. Greater life expectancies and advances in modern medicine mean that people will need care longer. By 2020, it is estimated that more than 20% of the population will be 65 and older.
Globalization. With the linking of healthcare for individuals around the world and the option to travel to different countries to work, the demand will eventually outweigh the supply of nurses.
Specialist care. More and more nurses are migrating from the hospitals to other facets of healthcare, like complementary care, specialist care, physical therapy, long-term care and hospice care.
Outpatient care. Hospitals are being pressured more and more each day to release patients earlier. As such, more nurses are needed for outpatient care centers to give recovering patients the time and attention they need to continue to heal.
Home care services. Hospital jobs are expected to grow 17% by 2018. But home healthcare jobs are expected to grow by 33%.

The Future of Nursing
                                          Source: TheNursingBible.com

Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Fire Challenge, And Other Poor Choices #firechallenge #passoutchallenge

I know as you read the title you are asking yourself " how can anyone be so crazy to set themselves on fire"?

This is not fun or funny! This is deadly!

Not only are these kids setting themselves on fire, they are using rubbing alcohol as an accelerant and video taping each other to prove they did the #firechallenge.

I just want to scream right now!

Several challenges are circulating the internet & video airwaves right now that are very dangerous for your children to even think about. Search these hashtags :








#spacemonkeychallenge or game


Educate yourself, your kids and others about these deadly risk behaviors!

Save a life!

For more info and education visit http://Ed4Ed4All.com





Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fireworks Safety :Enjoy Your Holiday Safely #safety #fireworks

Happy Fourth of July week! lets enjoy the holiday and be safe with some very simple tips for staying safe at home and while out watching fireworks. Proceed with caution and leave the fireworks for trained professionals. Sparklers are not to be given to children, notice the temperature at which a sparkler burns --1200 degrees F !! Sparklers are fun and pretty, but oh so dangerous.

Friday, June 27, 2014

How To Avoid Falling, Slipping and Tripping #safetymonth

Have you yourself fallen, tripped or slipped lately? It is a scary feeling that I myself experienced just this last April. I fell in the parking lot at the grocery store, simply because I was busy talking and did not pay attention to where I was walking. My left leg was black and blue for weeks, the pain was aggravating to say the least. I was very lucky and did not break anything, but my pride that day.

Many of us are living with or caring for our parents or grandparents as we journey into another realm of our busy lives. Grandparents are such precious treasures to us , not to mention the bonds they create with our children. Keeping them safe, just as they did for us, must be a priority.
Did you know that falls are the second-leading cause of unintentional death? Not many people do. Since June is National Safety Month, our friends at the Recall Center have made it their mission to educate and encourage safe behavior with hopes to help prevent slips, trips, and falls.



The first step toward preventing falls is understanding what causes them.
  • Spills are a significant hazard, particularly in places like kitchens or bathrooms with tile floors that become slick when wet. Spills can also be difficult to see.
  • Weather hazards such as snow and ice, or even just rainwater, create slippery surfaces and uncertain footing. Snow or ice falling from a rooftop can hit or startle someone, potentially causing a fall.
  • Wet or oily floors, whether due to a spill, water from the tub, snow or rain tracked into the house, or something else, can be dangerously slippery.
  • Loose or uneven flooring, including loose tile or the unsecured edge of a carpet or area rug, can catch a foot and cause someone to stumble.
  • Dim lighting makes it difficult to see objects to avoid, particular for individuals with declining eyesight.
  • Clutter places hazards in the way of people who may be at risk of falling. Shoes, pet toys, or virtually anything else can cause someone to trip, and even a small stumble is enough to cause a fall, especially in someone whose mobility and reflexes are limited by age.


The next step is knowing places where hazards most often occur, and where seniors are most likely to encounter them.
  • Living spaces, because they are heavily trafficked, carry a variety of risks. Bedrooms and hallways may be prone to clutter or loose carpets, while bathrooms and kitchens often have spills or other liquids on the floor. Pay special attention to stairs, as they can be difficult for seniors to navigate even under ideal conditions and can also lead to the most damaging falls.
  • Outdoor walkways can be especially hazardous. They are prone to buildups of ice and snow and may become slick with rain. Heavily trafficked routes pose even more of a risk–not only will seniors encounter potential hazards more often, familiarity can lead to carelessness.
  • Garages, often used as a catch-all storage space, are often cluttered and badly lit, a dangerous combination.
Gardens and yards, while an excellent source of exercise and fresh air, can be risky too. Grass and mud can conceal uneven ground, tree roots, garden implements left outside, or other potential causes of a fall. And while a fall on grass may not seem as bad as one on asphalt, it can still cause serious injury.
     Please be safe and keep your loved ones safe......


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