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Friday, May 5, 2017

This Crazy Nurse Thing #nurses #heros

I never wanted to be a nurse.
I was a hyper theatre kid who ran around making people laugh; not much has changed.
When I was diagnosed as Type 1, I knew a BS in psychology wouldn't be getting me decent food, much less insulin. I had to do this crazy nursing thing, there wasn't a choice.
In 4 years I thrashed through the UCF program with honors, then sat myself in Susie Miller's office to beg for employment.
Another 4 years and I'm in love with this crazy nursing thing, which never stops being crazy. Never.
Lucky doesn't begin to describe me, the friends I've made, the palms I've squeezed, the lives brought in, the lives let go.
The most intense exercise in empathy, sprayed with your blood, drenched in my sweat, shook by your screams, sobered by your pain, strengthened by your calm.
This is the ultimate human experience, stripped bare. You sit alone, waiting for this hyper theatre kid in a Superman watch to step in and change you.
I've learned to never promise anything in this work, but I'll make an exception for you, patient.
It's you that will be changing me.

Shared with permission from Samuel Joseph 


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