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Monday, May 27, 2013

All gave some...Some gave All

On this Memorial Day lest we forget those nurses and field medics who gave so much to care for our military for so many years and wars. A fundamental part of each branch of service, the medical corp staff is on the forefront when soldiers need assistance both in the field and the field hospitals. Many of the concepts I use today in the ED started in the military fields. Heros are made both on the battlefield and at the bedside of a injured or dying soldier. Many nurses or medics are the last contact that the soldier has to say with his/her last breath " tell my momma or my wife I love her".

Some interesting facts from Scrubs Magazine:
  • More than 10,000 nurses served in World War I. They traveled across the Atlantic Ocean by ship, and the journey took about two weeks.
  • Somewhere between 200 and 300 nurses died in World War I. Many contracted illnesses such as scarlet fever and influenza, which took their lives. Some died in military accidents, and some died at the hands of enemy weapons.
  • In the 1960s and 1970s, the nurses who went overseas to nurse injured soldiers in the Vietnam War were young women who had just graduated from nursing school. This was their first nursing experience, and they served for one year minimum. They could serve longer if they chose to.
  • As the machines of war evolved, the nurses who served overseas saw and treated injuries they would never have to deal with again. For example, during the Vietnam War, napalm, a flammable liquid that causes severe burns and often death, was a commonly used weapon, and nurses saw its horrible effects.
  • Today, the nurses who go overseas range in age from 20 to 60, and one-third are men. The service term is six months, but “active duty” nurses can be reposted (sent back) several times.
  • The Army Nurse Corps became an official branch of the Army Medical Department in 1901. You can learn about joining the Army Nurse Corps on the U.S. Army website.
  • Military nurses have served in numerous wars, including the Spanish-American War, both World Wars, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and Operation Desert Storm. They have served with NATO troops in Haiti, Bosnia and Kosovo.
  • During World War II, 67 Army nurses and 16 Navy nurses were held by the Japanese for three years as prisoners of war.
  • Located near the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C., is a memorial to all nurses who have served in all wars. It’s a bronze statue of a nurse caring for a wounded soldier. As a nurse, hopefully you’ll have the opportunity to visit this memorial someday—if not on this Memorial Day, then perhaps on another Memorial Day, or any day.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Top 30 Nursing Blogs 2013: Boy I am Proud To Make This List

Best Nursing Blogs 2013
Wow is all I can say, the names on this list are some incredible blogs that I have read and loved for a long time now, then I notice that my name is also on this list and  all I can say is WOW! Yes I love being a nurse in the ER and can't imagine doing anything else as a career. So I wanted my blog to reflect that and inspire others into nursing. Congratulations to all nursing blogs on this list, everyone deserving of many awards.

Best Nursing Blogs

1. Johns Hopkins School of Nursing Blogs feature a wide variety of perspective from their various bloggers. The blogs are written by some of the foremost minds in the nursing field and offer insights into both the worlds of practice and academia.
HighlightHospital Waste
2. Codeblog is one of the oldest and most consistent nursing blogs out there, dating back 11 years. Codeblog very simply covers the nursing experiences of its writer and records them for the entertainment and education of others in the field or considering it.
HighlightRookie Mistake
3. Nurse Barb is a very popular advice blog that covers a wide range of treatment options for common ailments. The blog stands as a good example of the sort of niches available to nurses interested in blogging.
4. At Your Cervix is a blog featuring the musings of a labor and delivery nurse. The blog also chronicles her journey from nurse, to nurse-midwife.
5. RehabRN features the thoughts and experiences of a rehab nurse. The blog is engaging and shares stories of both success and failure, seeking always to provide the reader with a realistic sense of the job.
6. Madness: Tales of an Emergency Room Nurse features tales from the emergency room, and the perspective of a nurse working in this necessarily high pressure environment. The blog features topics from stories derived from personal experience, to advice for surviving the day to day insanity of the ER.
7. Health Care Renewal is focused on addressing major issues that threaten to compromise the core values of the health profession. The blog turns an especially critical eye on management and the centralization and abuse of power.
8. Provo School Nurses is a collaborative blog run by a collection of school nurses from the Provo Utah area. These nurses share insight into the lives of school nurses, and advice for nurses in or considering the school nurse field. The blog also features posts centered on providing resources for local readers. This blog is a great example for school nurses looking to maximize their impact on their local community.
HighlightHealth Classes
9. Tales of a School Zoned Nurse features the stories and thoughts of a school nurse. This is a more intimate, personal look at school nursing. The tone of the blog is light, with a good sense of humor.
HighlightMama Bears
10. Diary of a School Nurse is all about what really goes on in the nurse’s office. The blog features stories about and advice dealing with the unique day to day situations faced by school nurses everywhere. Many of the posts are in a poetic form, which gives the blog a unique feel.
HighlightI am a Foster Child
11. Nurse Education seeks to provide a place where debate and discussion about the nursing profession, and nurse education in particular, can be had. The blog tackles all of the major nurse education issues, and the impact of those issues on the field of nursing in general.
12. A Journey Through Nursing School and Beyond chronicles the journey of a nurse pursuing her BSN degree. The blog deals a lot with the unique challenges of working a nurse’s difficult schedule, and balancing that with school and life.
13. The Makings of a Nurse is all about taking readers on the journey of nursing by communicating the writer’s thoughts and experiences of day to day life as a nurse. While the blog is primarily about nursing, it also throws in posts dealing with the world outside the workplace.
HighlightProblem Solving
14. Ten Centimeters and Beyond is the blog of a night shift labor and delivery nurse that works in a mid-sized hospital. The blogger is also a mother who has experienced many of the challenges of pregnancy on a personal level. She shares insights from both the medical and personal side of pregnancy and birth.
15. The Birthin’ Blog is an upbeat blog that features articles and advice beneficial to both labor and delivery nurses, and expectant mothers.
16. On Call RN… is all about the makings of an ICU nurse. The blog shares stories as well as commentary and analysis from a nurse’s perspective on medical issues and other topics.
HighlightBlack Hawk Down
17. The Nurse Practitioner’s Place features the musings of a nurse practitioner who practices in a rural area.  This mother and grandmother received her degree in 2007 and her enthusiasm for this career she arrived into later in life shows in her insightful and well written blog.
18. Nurse Practitioner Business Owner Blog is a unique blog where this nurse practitioner shares insights on the business side of nursing. The blog is focused on providing resources and support nurse practitioners in private independent practice.
19. Adventures of a PICU Nurse Practitioner has two areas of focus. One is relating stories and insights derived by this nurse practitioner from her time working in the PICU. The other focus is on how she sees life outside of work, and how her profession affects her day to day life.
HighlightChief Complaint:???
20. The NP Mom brings both the perspective of a Nurse Practitioner and a mother to the table. The blog tackles major issues of health and parenting such as eating disorders, type II diabetes in children, and online RN to BSN education.
21. ER RN brings readers advice an experiences from an ER night shift nurse. The blog recognizes that being a night shift RN takes a certain kind of person. Anybody considering night shift nursing should read this, and anybody that does night shift nursing will find a kindred spirit.
22. ER Nurses Care is the blog of Leslie Block, and she loves being an ER nurse. She cares about her patients, about her co-workers, and about people on the internet she has never met. Her blog has some stories, but mostly advice, tips on staying healthy and developing healthy habits no matter who you are or what you do, but especially if you are an ER nurse with a demanding and often fluctuating schedule.
23. Adventures of Hood Nurse: Hood Hospital 2, Electric Boogaloo is an irreverent look at the unique challenges faced by nurses who work in urban environments with people on the lower end of the socioeconomic spectrum.
24. My Strong Medicine followed the blogger on his journey through his graduate education in nursing and now continues to follow him as he makes the transition from the Master’s in Nursing to a new level in the field.
25. Digital Doorway features the musings of Nurse Keith on the nursing profession, coaching, healthcare, and more. The blog features articles on the importance of self care, book reviews, and stories about day to day events in the life of a nurse.
26. Not Nurse Ratched features fresh new perspectives on the field from a young up and comer who was inspired to go to nursing school after being a medical editor for most of her career.  This web savvy, politically incorrect, tattooed and pierced ER nurses offers an edgier view on everything from nursing to photography to Apple products to pit bulls.
27. Nursing Notes of Discord features fictional stories that reflect real life problems and situations faced by a psychiatric nurse.
28. Life in the NHS is written by a 30 year veteran of nursing. While she no longer works in nursing directly, she maintains the blog and offers insights and perspectives on developments in the field from an experienced point of view.
29. The Nerdy Nurse features articles on everything from eating healthy, to building a great RN resume. The blog is light on stories and skews more toward posts about life in general and useful tips for fellow nurses.
30. JParadisi RN’s Blog is an eclectic blog that ties in science, art, and humanity to the profession of nursing, viewing the field through a variety of unique perspectives.

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Your Love Connection: Boost The Immune System With More Sex

The Love Connection: Intimacy, Health, and Longevity
Image compliments of Master of Health Administration Degrees

Healthy Adult Sex that is, protected and Safe Sex practices with your partner has its health perks too!
The infographic shows us that a boost to your immune system, better sleep, less stress hormone and several other benefits come from more sex. It has even been proven to help headaches ladies, sorry!
Improve your relationships and your health and jump in that sack safely today.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Condom Snorting Challenge ..yep the latest craze

YouTube is the place to learn the latest challenges for your kids. Believe it or not your kids are learning some down right dangerous crap on YouTube.
Like the "Cinnamon Challenge" " Chubby Bunny or Marshmallow Challenge" or the "Salt and Ice Challenge" all of these are dumb and stupid and can be found on YouTube with other such risky behaviors like "The Choking Game" that has claimed thousands of pre-teen and teen lives in the US and UK. 
This latest craze amongst teens on YouTube is putting them in real danger of choking and suffocating. As seen in the video below, 3 girls snort (yes, SNORT) condoms through their noses and attempt to pull them out of their mouths. After much gagging and choking they accomplish the disgusting feat. 
Not without a bit of vomit though. Yuck!
These videos are getting huge amounts of views on a daily basis and it can only be fueling the condom-snorting fire.

The Condom Challenge sounds simple, really, and it is -- simple and possibly fatal: To complete the challenge, a teen has to snort a condom up his or her nose and expel it through his or her mouth WITHOUT choking to death in the process. (If you choke to death, you lose! Ha, ha!) Not so funny huh?
Come on people, this is not only disgusting, it is just irresponsible and gross! If you think that snorting a condom up your nose makes you look cool, it does not!
As a nurse I can tell you that if you choke on this condom it is very hard to "fish" it out of your trachea or lungs, look at the diagram below and see how easy it is for that condom to go the wrong way and end up blocking your airway.
Please be responsible and be safe! 


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