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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Blogging Construction.....look out!

What a mess!! yes and and probably all of the crash victims ended up
in the ER or in the county morgue. Why you ask? who knows , but
I can bet ya that a lack of education on somebody's part played into
this horrific crash. Was it a drunk driver, a distracted teen on a cell
phone, a distracted mom whose kids were all screaming "mommy"
"I'm hungry"or just somebody being stupid. It is a sad reality that
a little bit of education can prevent the senseless loss of life, I have
been an Er nurse for close to 20 years now and have seen the terrible
outcomes of bad choices. That is my purpose for this blog, to help
share some education along with some humor (since the humor of
an ER nurse is a necessity and a tool). So come along on my journey
in blogging and I hope you can learn something to share with others
along the way.
aka "Captain Chaos"


  1. Hi, Leslie. Goodluck on the new blog. Beware, it can be addicting.

  2. Oh yes I know very well, I have 2 now, plus another one my mom's group just started, thanks and keep checking back.

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