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Thursday, June 25, 2009

~~Once upon a Booster Seat~~

I am alive today because I wear by seat belt!! My 5th birthday party
The Little Princess age 3

Once upon a time,
there lived a little Princess that had outgrown her little girl car safety seat, with the 5 point harness, and was ready to move into a "big girl" booster seat just like her big Princess sister. The little Princess and her Royal Mommy set out on a journey to the booster seat store and picked out the perfect one, a pretty pink high back booster with little royal fairies on it. The new booster seat was installed into the Royal mini-van by the Royal Mommy who just happened to be a certified car seat safety technician and off they drove to the Royal kingdom. The little Princess soon learned that all she had to do was push a button and "click" she was able to get out of the seat belt. Much to the Royal Mommy's dismay she was able to get up and wave out the window at all her royal subjects so much easier while standing up unbuckled. The Royal Mommy was most upset with this behavior and decided to sternly and swiftly warm the little bottom of the little Princess every time she decided to get out of her new booster seat. This went on for a week until the little Princess decided it would be better to stay in her new pink booster seat, buckled up safe and sound, than to have her bottom warmed up by the hand of the Royal Mommy. Her little royal tooshie was starting to get a might bit sore, and the Royal Mommy was getting very grouchy. The Royal Mommy also explained to her how much safer she was in her seat, belted in correctly.
That following Monday afternoon, not even a mile from the castle, a terrible thing happened. A very large bus/RV made a poor choice and pulled out directly in front of the Royal mini-van causing a crash. The Royal Mommy was kept safely in her seat by the seat belt she was wearing. The airbags kept her from hitting the steering wheel or dashboard of the Royal mini-van. The little Princess was also kept safely in her little pink booster seat by the seat belt since she had decided to be safe and keep in on correctly. Both the Royal Mommy and the little Princess had many bumps and bruises, but both are alive today. The seat belts and airbags in the Royal mini-van did their jobs working together to keep the Royal driver and passenger safe to live another day in the kingdom. The poor Royal mini-van did not survive and the Royal daddy was most upset, but glad his family is still here today. The moral of this story: Little Princess's should always ride in their car seats or booster seats, installed correctly with seat belts on, so that one day they can meet Prince Charming and live happily ever after.

True story: by Leslie Block RN(the Royal Mommy of the Little Princess);)

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