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Friday, January 15, 2010

"Safer than drugs? NOT!!

The choking game is not safer than drugs! The most common age for this fatal risk taking game is 11-16 yrs old, 87% are males. Many deaths from this are just thought to be suicides, not accidental suffocations.Causes irreversible brain damage, permanent disabilities and death. The "choking game" is an activity in which persons strangulate themselves to achieve euphoria through brief hypoxia. In simple terms: they choke themselves, cutting off the blood(that carries the oxygen) from the heart to the brain, thus passing out or near passing out. As they let go or unloosen the stangulation all the blood that has pooled rushes back up to give that person a "warm and fuzzy feeling". What happens when the warm and fuzzy feeling goes wrong and you pass out with whatever tied around your neck? You do not wake up, you die!!! If you, your child or your friends think this is fun and safer than drugs, better leave your obituary written out so your family can find it when you are gone. If you want a "warm and fuzzy feeling"  I will gladly get you a kitten or a puppy ;), they are warm and fuzzy, but alot less dangerous.

Thank you to the GASP Association for this great video, and thank you to Carrie at Ed4Ed on You Tube for making sure this was on You Tube for all to view.

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