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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Drive Safely--warning graphic violence video

At first I was not sure if I wanted to post this video, it brought me to tears, but it is real life. As Emergency providers and nurses we see the devastation that can occur from just plain careless driving, not paying attention, and risk taking behaviors. Please be careful, pay attention to those around you, use caution when you are in a car or even walking across the street. You just never know when the person in the car near you will make the wrong decision that day and kill you or your family member. Take the time to take care of other people's lives and not just your own, you are not the only one on the road. My child or your child might be the one you kill.
The video below contains very graphic and very real images of dead bodies and destruction. I felt like it need to be shown, maybe to save one life or many.

Drive Safely - warning graphic violence
- Watch more Videos at Vodpod.

Thank you for watching and possibly saving my child's life one day

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