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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Vaccines Save Lives #education #health #wellness

Yes vaccines are arguably the greatest technological development of the 20th century. Immunizations have been so effective at eradicating diseases such as measles, mumps, small pox, polio and chicken pox that many Americans have never seen a case of these diseases. I myself can remember having the mumps along with my 2 brothers then we all 3 got the chicken pox, then our poor daddy got the mumps ( as an adult having the mumps was not fun and he was very sick for a long time) My poor mom was worn out by the time our household finally got well, she was a superstar (God rest her soul) I can't believe she took care of all of us without complaining one bit.
This day and time you just don't see these types of diseases anymore due to our great jobs getting immunized so far. I am afraid this might just change soon due to parents who have chosen not to vaccinate their children for whatever reason they might choose.

Think about what you are doing before you choose not to vaccinate, educate yourself with the right information (not off You-tube videos) and think about the many life's of others that might be affected if your child comes down with one of these diseases and spreads it. These diseases can kill, that is why we vaccinate....to save lives.

see the pdf of this infographic HERE :   http://www.wellnessctr.org/wellness-corner/upload/immunization_web.pdf


  1. Like you said in the title, vaccines save lives. I don't know why someone would want to go around in this day and age without being vaccinated against common and harmful diseases. It doesn't matter if you are living at home, by yourself, or in a nursing home, you should get vaccinated when you can. I would suggest talking to your doctor or home care provider about setting up an appointment to go get vaccinated if you aren't. http://www.hisgriphomecare.com

  2. http://www.vaccinationcouncil.org/2013/01/29/measles-vaccines-part-ii-benefits-of-contracting-measles-by-dr-viera-scheibner-phd/ reasons it may actually be beneficial to get some not so deadly childhood diseases. We don't understand it all. Vaccines are at best bargain-basement science. The combined adjuvants are mega-toxic to babies, newborns don't need to be immunized from sexually transmitted diseases and when my child had brain-swelling symptoms my doctor would neither document or report and refused to do further developmental diagnostics before and after further shots. If there were not such a fascist coverup and hard push on society maybe people would not have a reason to be paranoid. Science requires constant analysis and observation. There is no room for this all or none dogma. Health Professionals are asking parents to roll the dice, even if it is 1:50 for lasting neurological damage. Be honest. There's no recourse. No chelation therapy for the damaged. Keep your msg, formaldehyde, Al, Hg, money & cow serum and squalene for your kids. You need it more than we do, thank you.

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