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Friday, January 13, 2017

Winter Safety Series: 10 Top Tips For Winter Pet Safety #pets #wintersafety

Our pets or furbabies are laughter and joy in a sometimes dreary world. Just as we protect ourselves, our homes and our cars in the winter,we need to pay close attention to our pets too. Outdoor pets are use to living outside, yes, but they are not all used to bitter freezing temperatures.

Be prepared to bring your pet indoors if the temperatures drop, or at least have a safe warm space for them. A garage or outbuilding that is out of the elements is at least something if you can not bring them inside the house. I realize that not all pets/animals can come indoors, we have owned dogs that would destroy an indoor space if we brought them in. Plan ahead and make these pets a cozy house with lots of insulation materials like straw or cedar chips. Warming pads that are outdoor safe can be purchased at your local farm or pet supply store.
Other animals have cold temperature guidelines too, chickens, rabbits, horses etc need protection too. You can find options for keeping them warm online or just ask your vet. Chickens just don't do very well inside, they are not fond of your kitchen. Lol

  My puggie furbabies above (in addition to 5 kitties that stay indoors too)

Here are my Top 10 Tips for keeping your animal friends safe and warm during the cold winter months:
  1. Be Prepared!! Don't wait until the temp drops to start planning to bring your pets indoor. Have a plan in place already, stock up on supplies ( pee pads, food, extra water bowls, bedding, etc)
  2. Bring your pets inside, don't let indoor pets out during bad weather either.
  3. Provide plenty of fresh water for hydration. Use a water defroster/de-icer for outdoor water containers.
  4. Make some noise! Check under the hood of your vehicles before starting them. Animals ,especially cats love the warmth of the motor and the tires. Bang on the hood and sides to give them a chance to run out.
  5. Protect against hazards,especially if you have brought a usually outdoor pet inside, the sites and smells are new and worth eating or chewing on.
  6. Clean up antifreeze spills or other liquid hazards you might use to winterize your vehicle. Antifreeze tastes yummy sweet to dogs, but can be deadly if ingested.
  7. Provide warm outerwear, like sweaters and booties for trips outside. You will get some cute photos and protect little Fee-fee from the elements.
  8. Take special care to wipe off doggie paws and under bellies when you come back indoors. The salts and chemicals that are outside can make them sick if they lick it off. You can buy special paw care salve or cream to keep feet healthy.
  9. Never leave pets alone in the car, just as important in the winter.
  10. Never let pets off the leash during a winter storm/ snow. The snow and ice will mask the scent that they need to follow and find the way home. Pets get lost much faster in bad weather. 

We just had our first large winter storm of the season last week, being prepared was the key. I even came prepared to feed all the birds and squirrels in the neighborhood too I think.Those squirrels are eating better than me now!
I wish you safe journeys and warm nights! Stay tuned to my blog for upcoming tips and helpful topics. Next week I am going to try and focus on winter illness's and the plain Jane explanation of topics such as " strep throat " , " pharyngitis " " influenza" "pneumonia's and more. Plus when do you go to the ER for treatment!

If there is a topic you want me to cover, please comment below.



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