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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Should schools have the main responsibility?


Interesting poll and snapshot in USA today: "teaching teens about drug abuse, should your kids be taught this at school or do you think it is your responsibility". How honest are you with your teens about your drug and alcohool use as a teen? I made some very bad choices myself in high school and now regret them, but I use those bad choices to teach my teen and other teens about the stupid things that I did. I can not imagine the brain cells that I must have wasted on drugs and alcohol. I could have been a rocket scientist but I also could have killed someone or myself by my choices. I did make the decision to stop making bad choices after high school and went on to college, become a nurse and have a family now. Imagine my outcome if I had not stopped. How about the outcome of your teen, which do you want?? The wrong choice could mean a body bag and a funeral service. Think about it, do you want to leave the responsibility up to your teen's school to teach them about "choices"

I'll leave you thinking on that one

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