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Monday, May 30, 2011

Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day!!

A long weekend and celebrations should never end in tragedy, take a minute to remember these tips from the great people at "Safe Kids USA" before heading out for your festivities or family fun today.

If you plan to be at the pool or on the beach over the holiday weekend, check out our water safety page for drowning prevention tips, and make sure to read: "Five Truths About Children Who Drown."
If you are planning a pool party, make sure to always have an adult serve as a water watcher. Print out the Water Watcher card.

Before you put the burgers on the grill, follow a few simple tips to avoid grilling injuries.
Make sure to also visit our fire, burn and scald prevention page for more tips.

Before letting your kids out the door to go play with friends, siblings and cousins, remind them about how to stay safe around traffic, on the playground and on their bikes.
Make sure to check out our sports and recreation safety tips, our pedestrian and driver safety tips for summer and our falls prevention tips.

Get the Safety Tips You Need to Keep Your Kids Safe
Just another reminder to NEVER leave your child alone in a car even for a second. If you see someone's child or pet left alone in a car, call 911 immediately!

For related safety tip on kids in around cars, visit: "Car Seats, Boosters and Seat Belt Safety."

Thank you to Safe Kids for the above information on keeping our kids safe, happy and back home again after your holiday fun.

Leslie RN (ernursescare)

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