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Monday, August 22, 2016

Thinking About Quitting? Thousands Of People Do Everyday...

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Smoking is an epidemic all over the world, if you smoke, have you ever thought about or tried to quit? Here is what actually happens to your body after you put down that last cigarette?
The goal is to make the healthy choice and stop for 5- 10 years , this cuts your risks in half of stroke and cancer. If you notice in the info-graphic below, even 1 month-9 months after quitting, your lungs are better and your overall energy begins to improve.

Smoking is just not smart, we all know the risks, just do it! Quit today! I lost my mother to lung cancer, she smoked for over 50 years, she was also one of thousands of smokers that die everyday from smoking...do you want to be one of the thousands? 

Credit to CVS Health and DailyInfographic.com 

Stay safe

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