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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The United States Of Addicts

With the November elections looming over us right now most of us are focused on the issues that are presented by each candidate. Meanwhile as I am working weekly in the Emergency Department, we are treating a constant influx of patients who are addicted to prescription and illicit drugs. I read that more than one half of all Americans 12 and older drink some form of alcohol............say what. The abuse of recreational drugs (who the heck named them recreational!!) and prescription medications has climbed to a mind staggering 30 million people. We can't blame those numbers on Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump, although listening to all these ads on TV one after the other has me thinking daily about drinking myself.
I do hope that whomever wins this election can make some strides in healthcare for all, addiction treatment for anyone that needs it and getting control of pharmaceutical companies that are focused on making billions of dollars instead of truly helping people.
Please get out and vote on November 8th, let your voice be heard. 

The infographic below provides some great information about drug types, addiction, legal and illegal drugs, teenage drug addiction and the rising Emergency Department visits due to drug addiction. Something has got to change! We are living in The United States of drug addition!


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